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Twitter’s advanced search feature takes your query and sends back data that is based on the real-time tweets from the community.  This Mashable video demonstrates the use of Twitter’s advanced search feature to find very specific real-time information.

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I recently found a useful app called, Cortex, which allows you to share links, articles, videos, images, music to your friends and family across the web.  Cortex is very easy to use and is a fast way to share any content you find on the Web with your followers in Twitter and friends in Facebook.  In order to use Cortex, you need to install the free Cortex extension on Google Chrome.  Then, find information you want to share on the Web, click and hold for selection options to share.  Cortex chooses header text and shortens URLs.  It allows you to share just an image or specific selected text.  In addition, Cortex lets you track your history of shares.

I have enjoyed using Cortex so far.  The Cortex interface is unique and is fast and simple.  I wish it will work with my favorite browser, Firefox.  Right now, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instapaper.  According to Cortex, more options will be available soon.


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Long URLs are difficult to remember and hard to pass along. URL shortening is a popular technique where a web user can make a web page available under a very short URL in addition to the original address. These URL shortening services are helpful if your web addresses for your web site and blog site start to get long and links will break when sending in an email. Particularly, these services are important for Twitter users since Twitter allows for only 140 characters in any message.

Today, many Web services offer URL redirection with real-time link tracking.  Most of these sites shorten Web addresses quickly and easily, with no registration required.  Here are my selected 10 sites that allow you to shorten, share, and track your links:

Though URL shortening service is a helpful tool, users need to keep in mind that spammers have also used URL shortening services to cover their tracks. So, it is important to use a reliable URL shortening service that provides the filtering of all shortened links through services like Google Safe Browsing.

What URL shortening services do you use?  Please feel free to share your favorite URL shortening services and provide your comments.

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